Kayaking on your vacation to burn those extra calories

Published May 18, 2016 in Sports & Adventure

Kayaking is a major recreational activity today. In many resorts or entertainment spots that are close to water bodies, you will find kayaks available for fun goers. Kayaking can be enjoyed alone or with a partner i.e. kayaking in tandem. Kayaking is a fun activity that can be incorporated with fishing, viewing of marine life, basking in the sun especially when tanning, and for water sport activities.

One of the major things that has made kayaking popular is the fact that it is an activity that involves physical exertion. Due to the lifestyles of people today people do not have enough avenues to exercise their bodies by doing physical exercises.

Many people have 9-5 jobs where they are usually sitting for the whole day. After that they drive home or board the subway or a cab. They do not walk for any long distances. As such, their muscles are not used very much and they become unfit. Apart from being unfit, people who are not regularly involved in physical activities will eventually accumulate a lot of fat in their bodies due to a lot of unused energy.

Due to the health implications caused by inactivity, people are now embracing physical exercises more and more. However, working out is not easy and people find routine workouts monotonous and boring. Working out also need a lot of sacrifice since working out is not always kind on the body. To motivate themselves to workout, people are now finding more ingenious ways of working out.

For example, people who love dancing are coming up with dancing workout routines that can help them keep fit. Taking hikes especially with loved ones or while listening to music is another way of making exercise fun. Kayaking is the other new ingenious way of maintaining a healthy body.

Instead of lazing around on holiday while eating all those calorie filled delicacies, people are finding out that they can continue having fun during their vacation by taking a kayak ride. Canoe rides can be quite interesting especially if you are touring an area that has many attractions such as beautiful or rare marine wildlife. One could also tour areas where they can take lovely photos of scenes, sunsets, or marine life photos. For such escapades, one can get a sit-on-top kayak which allows one sufficient space and mobility to turn and move around the kayak. It also helps one enjoy the sun.

On the other hand, if you are up for something more lively and energetic, you might want to try your hand in kayaking sport activities such as kayak races and whitewater kayaking. Kayak races include sprints across a given distance while whitewater kayaking is where kayaks are raced through rough waters. The kayaks that are used in these activities differ in terms of their designs. For example, kayaks that are designed for racing and speed are built of light materials and are narrower than other kayaks so as to reduce drag.

Kayaks designed for whitewater kayaking are built of tough materials that is quite durable. Whitewater kayaks are also shorter so as to maximize on maneuverability.

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