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Plan Your Next Fishing Trip and Discover a Memorable Outdoor Experience

Published May 18, 2016 in Sports & Adventure

For many individuals and professionals looking for a memorable travel adventure, the travel means jetting off to a luxury beach destination like the Maldives, or a culinary and cultural immersion in Europe or Asia. These travel ideas work since these appeal to the senses, and provide an opportunity to discover the best places and exciting new culture. But there’s another water-based adventure that you can also add to your short list that can provide a meaningful travel experience, especially if you are with your closest friends or family. Fishing trips, whether freshwater or deep water fishing trips, can provide you with a meaningful travel experience and can even make you a better person. Planned the right way, fishing trips once a year can provide you with a travel experience that can recharge you in time for another demanding year in the office and beyond.

Where to Plan your Next Fishing Trips

Some of the best fishing spots in the world are located in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. But you don’t need to go far and travel thousands of miles just to enjoy the natural bounty of the waters and the experience like kayaking that comes with it. The United States is also home to some of the best fishing spots and destinations, especially when it comes to freshwater fishing. This country is ranked fourth when it comes to the largest renewable freshwater supply in the world, making it one of the best destinations for freshwater fishing. If you are planning a freshwater fishing adventure in the continental US, you may want to consider Lake Casitas and Lake Jennings in California, Lake Fork in Texas and Kerr Lake in North Carolina.

Deep sea fishing is another option, and this adventure is also possible in the region. Compared to fresh water fishing, deep sea fishing allows you to take your friends to the deep seas and angle for the popular deep sea fishes. Some of the popular locations where you can go deep fishing are Puget Sound din Western Washington, Cape Hatters in North California and the Southern California Bight.

Prepare Your Fishing Essentials

The quality of your fishing expedition also depends on the right tools and equipment included in the bag. When it comes to packing your bags, you need to focus on fishing essentials and everyday essentials. Fishing essentials include all equipment and accessories you need to catch a fish, including rods, reels, the best baitcasting reels and leaders to name just a few. Don’t forget to include your everyday essentials that can keep you dry and comfortable throughout the planned fishing expedition. You can’t go wring with extra shorts and t-shirts, waterproof footwear, sunglasses, insect repellent, camera, video camera, old tennis shoes for wading and other travel essentials you can’t live without.

Make your next planned travel with friends count; consider checking out the waters. This time, forget about your swimwear. Now is the best time to challenge of nature and enjoy fishing as a great outdoor activity.

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