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Strengthening relationships through ingenious ways such as kayaking

Published May 18, 2016 in Relationship, Sports & Adventure

Healthy relationships are vital for the survival of any social community. Relationships are foundations of any community. There are different kinds of relationships. Relationships between friends, relationships between lovers, relationships between family members, and relationships between strangers. Below we will look at the challenges that face relationships between lovers.

Lovers are two people who often come from different backgrounds. Unlike in the past where lovers usually came from the same community where traditions and customs were similar, today lovers can be people from very different lifestyles. For example, today we can even have people from different races, tribes, countries, or religions getting to be lovers.

Two people may come together and get attracted to each other if they have something in common. This is usually the basis of any relationship when two strangers meet. If these two people are man and woman, and they find that their relationship is getting deeper, they may decide to become loyal to one another. Eventually these relationships end up in marriage.

Relationships are usually very fiery during the initial stages when the two people are still exploring different attributes of the other person. At this times, they enjoy doing things together and any new thing is an adventure for them. However, this excitements in the relationships soon start to dwindle especially after the two people are together for long spells and particularly after getting married.

When there are no more exciting things to do together, the relationship starts to get boring. This may not noticed at first but is evident when the two parties start to find other fun things to do that do not involve the other party. Usually this is because the other party does not necessarily enjoy these other fun activities. For example, after frequent date nights with your wife, the dates may become boring. If the husband has other things that he could enjoy such as a ball game with his friends which his wife would not enjoy, he might go alone and leave the wife. The wife might also like spending time with her friends away from the husband.

If much attention is given to this other side activities, the marriage relationship will suffer. It is important that other fun activities are constantly discovered that the two can share in to ensure that they still enjoy each other’s company.

A good example of an activity that a couple could resort to is tandem kayaking. Kayaking is a fun sport activity that is relaxing, and is beneficial to the body. Kayaking has grown in popularity today and many people are kayaking during their holidays and vacations. Although kayaking can be done by one person per kayak, two or three people can share a kayak.

When kayaks are carrying more than one person, for example two people, the two people need to work together in coordination to smoothly move and maneuver the vessel. As such kayaking in tandem would be a very good exercise for two lovers. They will be able to bond better when doing such a team effort exercise and in case they have any differences or bad feelings for each other, kayaking will help them forget their problems and focus on working together.

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