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Summer Holiday Ideas for College Students- From Volunteer Work to Kayaking

Published May 18, 2016 in Sports & Adventure

With its demanding schedule and academic loads, college education often bears down on student, leaving him stressed and exhausted. Because of the demanding nature of college education, it is often recommended that students should learn how to strike the college and life balance, making sure that there’s room for fun and play. And one way to add spice and pause in college life is to plan out an outing or travel with friends. Travel can deliver a host of great things to anyone– it can help a person relax and forget the stress, appreciate new culture and recharge for the next set of challenges. But not all planned and desired travel plans will work for students. With a limited time and budget, the challenge for many college students is to plan out a get-away that’s cheap but doesn’t compromise on fun and entertainment. Here are suggested summer holiday ideas for college students.

Boost Your College Credentials By Signing Up for Volunteer Jobs

For those looking to travel for free or at least with minimal expenses, then summer volunteer can do the trick. One volunteer-based organization is Workaway, a group that connects individuals around the work who can provide bed and board for volunteer work. This is a popular option for university students around the world who want to spend their summer or gap years. Under the volunteerism arrangement, students can sign up as a volunteer and will get board and lodging. In exchange, the host expects at least 5 hours of work per day. This is a great way to visit another country or region, and learn its culture and discover its people.

Backpacking and Outdoor Activities for the Adventurous Kind

If you are willing to tap into the wild side and the unknown, pack your bags and go backpacking. Backpacking will test your creativity and survival skills on a limited budget. You can set up camp at the beach or on the side of the roads, thus reducing your accommodation costs. Hitchhiking is an acceptable way to travel, helping you save on transportation expenses. This vacation and travel option is best done with a group of friends who share the same travel preferences.

And while you’re discovering new places and travel destinations, why not consider water-based activities other than swimming. Instead of swimming, try to test your friendship and skills with friends in kayaking. Paddling through nature offers a great way to commune with nature, or spend quality time with friends. You can rent out the best kayak in town in case you happen to visit Ann Harbor, Michigan or Washington DC, considered by many as the best place to paddle in the country. Equipped with a high-quality kayak, you can confidently paddle through the waters and discover what nature has to offer.

With kayaking, you will be given a chance to try out other water-based activities. For example, your group can try kayak diving or kayak fishing, which makes kayaking as one of the best outdoor activities you can do with friends.

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