The many advantages of kayaking as a recreation activity

Published May 18, 2016 in Sports & Adventure

Many people are familiar with kayaking. It is today a major recreational activity that people engage in due to its numerous advantages that make it preferable to other recreational activities. For example, while kayaking you are able to experience many things at once.  If you are taking an eco-tour through some of the renowned kayaking destinations, you are able to enjoy priceless experiences such as beach combing and shelling, close viewing and photographing of marine wildlife such as dolphins and manatees, exploring river banks habited by alligators, exploring charming mangrove tunnels, and bird viewing from vantage points.

Kayaking is an activity that gives the tourist a wholesome experience. For example, in a kayak, you can view marine life while in a secure place where you are also not disturbing the wildlife. Fish and other sea and water animals are usually not afraid of kayaks since they view them as floating debris. Sudden movements will however scare the fishes and animals and so the paddlers need to remain relatively still as they watch the marine life.

Kayaks provide sufficient physical exercise to work the body. Many people are usually concerned about keeping fit. Many holiday makers will therefore include physical activities such as trekking, jogging, swimming, and visits to the gym in their holiday activities. However such activities are sometimes not fun and can interrupt the holiday mood. Opting to work out while kayaking is however a prime alternative for supplying the much needed physical exercise.

Kayaking is an awesome family activity. Kayaking is an activity that any family member of above 7 years can be a part of. Kids seven years old can manage their own kayak in calm guarded waters. One can also opt to have the entire family on one kayak! There are kayaks that are designed to carry up to four people. A family consisting of father, mother and two children can comfortably share one kayak.

A family sharing one kayak gets an awesome experience. The family can hire the kayak and go out for the whole day out on the waters. They could also go out and camp somewhere in the outdoors with the kayak as their only form of transport. Some kayaks are designed such that they have room where the paddlers can carry provisions such as tents, sleeping bags, food, and anything that they might need on a day out.

Since multiple paddlers in one kayak need to work in unison. The kayaking experience is a great bonding activity that can bring people close and help them build a stronger relationship.

Kayaking is a very easy activity that does not take a lot of effort or time to learn. Amateurs need to leran kayaking on calm waters where they will quickly get acquainted with the art of moving the kayak backwards or forwards. They will also learn how to turn the kayak. Advanced paddlers can navigate kayaks in moving water or in choppy seas.

Kayaks are very affordable and can cost as little as $100 depending on the type. Inflatable kayaks are affordable, easy to store, and easy to navigate. They are ideal for the recreational user.

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